Trash, Junk and Recycling

Junk Pick Up

INDUSTRIAL DISPOSAL CO. JUNK PICKUP SERVICE Normal junk pickup consists of hot water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, couches, chairs, coffee/end tables, misc boxed toys, garage items, tools, grilles, bicycles, lawn mowers, refrigerators* etc. The following is a general guideline of what is NOT ACCEPTABLE for junk pickup of “normal” household solid waste. • Demolition /construction material ..studs,drywall,sinks,tubs,toilets . A dumpster is required for construction, renovation , redecorating. Cabinets must be broken down to small pieces no longer than 4-5’ If items can fit into a 90 gal ID cart they are acceptable. Carpet must be cut into 4’ rolls and tied for handling. • Large amounts of fencing …a few planks may be ok if no longer than 4-5ft. in length…must be tied and bundled for pickup • No concrete….blocks,bricks etc. • No liquids of any kind…paint, thinners, pesticides household cleaners, motor oils, fuels. Wet paint can be “solidified” with kitty litter or granular absorbant material from automotive supply stores • No medical bio-hazards…sharps, chemo diapers, oxygen tanks • Lawn mowers must have gas tanks removed and broken down as much as possible • Gas grilles are acceptable…with no propane tanks of any kind,..grilles must have tank removed and broken down as much as possible • Swing sets and basket ball goals must be broken down as much as pieces more than 4-5ft long…no concrete on legs or base • Mailboxes cannot be more than 4-5’ long and no concrete on base • No large car parts..fenders, hoods, trunk lids etc. • No tires of any kind • * Freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners – must have freon / refrigerant captured and removed by certified HVAC technician and unit tagged for acceptable pickup. Freon is considered hazardous waste • No landscaping material such as…logs, railroad ties, landscape timbers or concrete blocks. No dirt, sod. • No yard waste material (in Jefferson County this must be collected separately with yard service) …no fire logs, stumps , shrubs etc. PLEASE CALL ID CUST. SERVICE @ 638.9000 WITH QUESTIONS

Trash and Recyling

INDUSTRIAL DISPOSAL CO. TRASH, RECYCLING, YARD WASTE SERVICES STANDARD ID GENERAL SERVICE OVERVIEW TRASH SERVICES – ID provides only automated curbside trash service. We require each home use 96 gallon ID standard rolling, hinged lid carts. Up to 2 carts are provided at NO charge. They have a lifetime repair or replace warranty. We ask that in as much as possible all trash be placed in the cart and bagged to reduce litter blowout. Carts should be unobstructed for service not blocked by cars, mailbox, shrubs and spaced 3 ft apart. We will pickup the occasional bags, boxes etc. from a move in, move out, party, holiday etc. We ask that if a home consistently has excessive weekly trash that they obtain an additional ID cart. ID will service certified city approved handicapped homes with no able body person in same home rear door service at no additional charge BULK ITEMS: ID will pickup (1) bulk item per week at no charge . That item being: chair, couch, hot water heater, washer, dryer etc. ( see junk pickup guidelines attached) Not construction / demolition / renovation material. We ask that the homeowner call ID Customer Service @ 638.9000 to notify us of bulk item set out to arrange pickup. Dumpsters are available for large projects and can be billed to homeowner. We will provide (2) community junk pickups annually at no charge (1) Spring (1) Fall. RECYCLING SERVICES – ID provides automated curbside collection of recycling materials using ID provided carts 96 gallon rolling hinged lid cart. Service is “every other week” 2x monthly for 4 week month. We now collect #1 – 7 plastics..virtually ALL household plastic materials plus the traditional recycling items , (see recycling guidelines attached) . We ask that cardboard boxes be broken / cut down as much as possible to fit into container or be manageable. YARD WASTE SERVICES – all yard waste material must be either containerized, bagged in bio-degradable compostable bags per Metro Ordinance or tied / bundled. No loose items left at the curb will be serviced. Branches cannot be more than 6” in diameter and must be cut into 4ft. lengths. Bagged leaves and clippings should be dry and bags must be strong enough to not rip when picked up. No bag or bundles more than 50 lbs maximum. Resident must not set out excessive numbers of bags (typical average 15 per week) . STORM DAMAGE – Excessive winds, tornadoes, ice storms. ID is not a tree removal service. Basic guidelines still exist. We can provide community open top containers for tree damage from natural disasters which must be billed separately.

Service Guide Lines

ID SERVICE GUIDELINES TRASH SERVICE: is considered normal “household” trash. It is not the following and these items are not acceptable for service: Constuction/demolition material; concrete, drywall, studs, plywood, sinks, cabinets, counter tops, fencing, decking, landscape blocks or timbers, no liquids of ANY kind (paint, thinners, pesticides, fuels,oil, grease, chemicals), no propane tanks, oxygen tanks, lawn mowers (special pickup) must be broken down and gas tank removed, gas grilles (special pickup) must be broken down and tank removed, no tires, no bio medical of any kind, no patio doors, no entry or interior doors, no large panes of glass, no swing sets, no tree stumps, no firewood, any item with refrigerant (air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers/special pickup) must have freon removed by licensed HVAC tech and green tagged by them. “Special Pickups” requires a call to ID Customer Service 638.9000 to schedule and may be at additional cost to the resident. Large cardboard boxes must be broken down flat. CART SERVICE: ID will pick up occasional plastic bags of trash outside the cart as well as small boxes if they can fit into a cart to be dumped …we ask that any resident who “consistently” has excess household trash outside the cart to please get a second cart by calling ID Customer Service @ 638.9000. YARD WASTE: includes securely bio-degradable / compostable bags or containerized clippings, trimmings, small shrubs, vines, weeds. All branches, limbs must be no more than 4’ long and 6 “ diameter and must be bundled NOT thrown loose at the curb. Max 20 lbs per bundle or bag. Bags of clippings must secure enough to not rip when picked up. NO dirt or sod. No tree stumps or large pieces of trees. Landscape blocks, timbers are not yard waste.